How I hacked my food & lost 20kgs in 60 days

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

I belong to a world of extraordinary people who have used common sense with experimentation to bio-hack life, break all myths in nutrition provided by mainstream media and see real results, every single day.

I wish this was a weight-loss blog-log, but no, this is my story, just a gentleman trying to share his work with you.

You won’t read something that you cannot research for yourself on the internet
You won't have to pay any $ to join my community discussion on social media
You won't be lured into buying any magic pill
But ..
You will find a thoroughly researched way to optimize your body
You will reap long-term benefit physically and mentally
Importantly, You will know the reality of food and body mechanisms


I was lazy as fuck. Always binging on whatever I could get my hands on. To be really honest, I never cared about what I was eating as long as I had food on my plate and on top of that I was a vegetarian.

Fast forward to Summer 2018, I was feeling very lethargic & it continued for days. I thought maybe it’s because I was skipping my breakfast that I have no energy (which is bullshit). This continued for a couple of months & I was really sick of it. As everyone else does, I too started googl’ing why was it like that as if it wasn’t obvious that it’s my lifestyle.

And then it occurred to me, maybe, there's something wrong. Maybe I should get my blood test done. So I got my blood tested, I was scared TBH! Years of drinking alcohol might have fucked something up, I thought. And I was right but the junk I was consuming was the culprit.

Hypothyroid (TSH - 13.9)  
(Real cause of fatigue)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease
(Inner chest wall lining burning all the time)

Single digit Vitamin D 
(which ideally should be more that 50 ng/ml, Cause #2 of fatigue)

Vitamin B12 deficiency   
(Cause #3 of fatigue)

High levels of bad cholesterol  
(LDL and TC/HDL ratio)

High body fat %

The doctor just told me to eat home made food and reduce drinking alcohol to once a week. I didn't know how big of a deal thyroid was until the doctor told me that I'll have to be on a life-long medication. TAKE A PILL EVERYDAY BEFORE I EVEN GET OUT OF MY BED? I was like what in the fuck did I do so bad? This led me to take a deep plunge in vast sea of nutrition …

We have 3 major macronutrients :

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Carbohydrates & fats provide energy for the body to function & protein takes care of your muscles. The body can function without carbohydrates but not without proteins & fats. So there must be something in a diet consisting of only fat & protein, right?

All types of diets are a modified version of LCHF (Low Carb - High Fat - Medium Protein) or HCLF (High Carb - Low Fat - Medium Protein) You can lose weight on any diet but are you really getting healthy is the real question. To figure out what healthy really is you will have to unlearn everything you’ve learnt about nutrition. We’ve been lied about almost everything related to nutrition and it goes deep into its roots. This article will be too less of a place to uncover the lies so I advice you to get onboard on my twitter. I’ll be writing more on this soon.

How did I hack my diet?

Losing body fat is 95% food & 5% exercise

Losing body fat is 95% food & 5% exercise. People won’t tell you this but this is the real truth. You can, however, harden it for yourself by going the longer route and losing motivation midway. As I dived deep into the science of losing weight & fixing my conditions connecting 100’s of live anecdotes & hypotheses I realised a couple of things.

Most people talk about calorie restriction as the main standard for losing weight (which works) but there’s more to it. Calorie In Calorie Out isn’t a gold standard and certainly not the only way to lose weight. Below are the three ways anyone can lose weight.

3 different ways to lose weight

100 calories of sugar and 100 calories of fish, are they same? Certainly not.

(Counting calories does work in losing weight only provided you do it the right way, but that’s not what you will learn from me here!)

Your body has a metabolic pathway for proteins, fats, sugars, complex carbohydrates. It does not have a metabolic pathway for calories. Your body has strong satiety signal (feeling of being full) for fats and proteins, but not for carbohydrates & definitely not when you combine carbohydrates with fats (which is why we overeat them). You can only eat up-to an extent when you’re having chicken/pork/fish but you can eat unlimited Popcorn/Icecream.

And then I stumbled upon something which is like a  key to unlock the cells to absorb the energy from the food. When you eat anything, your insulin gets spiked, once you’re done eating, it slowly goes down. If we keep eating all the time, this insulin will keep getting spiked. The more the insulin is spiked, the less the fat will burn. Simple. It’s really that simple!

When you eat anything, your insulin gets spiked, once you’re done eating, it slowly goes down. If we keep eating all the time, this insulin will keep getting spiked. The more the insulin is spiked, the less the fat will burn.

This is how you might damage your insulin hormone on a carb heavy diet

If you keep messing around with your insulin, it's gets fucked. Once it gets fucked, there's no coming back (extremely difficult)

The body cannot use all of the energy at once (it will catch on fire if it does), so it requires a system, food energy is stored in the form of glucose (minimally) and body fat, (majority) and INSULIN is responsible for all of that. If you keep snacking all the time, the body will never get to burning fat and that extra food will be stored in the reserve as Body Fat.

So what you need to do is to stop spiking your insulin, control your insulin at your whim.

The best way to go about losing fat is to minimise insulin spike cycle

What do you eat to control your insulin?

Just eat proteins & fats till you're full in a specific time-period, no counting calories.

  1. Restricting carbohydrates will keep your insulin low
  2. Fasting will keep your insulin low

I just combined the power of two to burn fat faster.

I combined Dietary Restriction i.e. Minimum carbohydrate & Time Restriction i.e. Limited eating window. However, I didn’t restrict on the amount of food my body wanted to get done with its hunger.
Insulin response to macros & exercise. Credits : Dr. Ted Naiman

Your body primarily uses carbohydrates (glucose) to make energy unless it is made into tapping the other energy reserve. This is called Ketosis and it requires strict carbohydrate restriction (0-20g carbs depending on the individual). If all this sounds new to you then I’m pretty sure you have never tapped into fat to run your body. It’s a total different state of mind when it’s running on fat instead of glucose. Fat is the real fuel your body needs to use.

There are 3 main ways of getting into Ketosis :

  1. By eating ketogenic food
  2. By fasting
  3. Extreme workout (Let’s not take this route)

   Combine them & you’re a fat burning monster.


Week I : Substraction

  • Quit Sugar completely.
  • Boycotted everything that tastes sweet. (Anything sweet raises your insulin levels. There are more than 60 different names of sugar)
  • Started cutting down on carbs & checked every item’s nutritional value (Just google the name of product/vegetable/meat followed by nutritional value)
  • Lessened dairy & got used to black coffee.
  • Switched from vegetable oils and used only ghee/coconut oil/butter (these oils are rich in Omega 3/6 ratio)

Week II : Adaptation

  • Introduced Intermittent Fasting & started cooking my own Keto meals
  • Fasted for 16 hours everyday & ate only in an 8-hour window.
  • Stopped Snacking completely.
  • Included Fatty Meat cuts (Chicken thighs in place of chicken breasts) and paired with eating sauté low carb vegetables.
  • Added supplementation of important Vitamins (B12, D3 with K2), Magnesium & Omega 3
  • Replaced white salt with himalayan pink salt

Week III & IV : Optimising

  • Started doing longer fasts : 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours every alternate day followed by a keto meal. Thing here is to stop your body from adapting to a particular pattern.
  • Repeated everything above and kept changing timelines.
  • Added more of Red meat (Steak/ Mutton ribs) with low carb veggies.
  • Introduced 100 hours fasts followed by 48 hours of eating Keto
  • Monday - Friday fasting.
  • Saturday - Sunday feasting.
  • FUN FACT : In 1971, a 27-year-old man survived on water and supplements for 382 days and shrank from 456 to 180 pounds. I don’t recommend more than a weeks fast.
  • Every-time I broke a fast I ensured I took Magnesium supplement after my meal to avoid cramps in muscles.
  • Kept altering the number of hours I was fasting from 80 - 110
  • Increased the number of hours every week. (Don’t let your body get comfortable with a particular number. Make sure you break a fast with rich fats and proteins since you are in ketosis.)

2nd Month: Stabilising

  • Minimum 72 hour fasting followed by 1 day of feasting and 3 days of OMAD (One meal a Day - keto only)
  • Always took salt with water when fasting, had black coffee how much ever I could handle.
  • Most importantly, I trained my body and mind that I need to fix myself now. Right now.
  • Added home workouts & sprints in a fasting state. Just 15 - 20 minutes of High Intensity workouts. (Working out is totally optional)
  • 48-72 hr fasts, kept experimenting, by this time I saw so many positive changes that Keto became a lifestyle.  

This is how the food looked like

Chicken, Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Veggies

And this is how I did it. Looks like a 5 minute read but it took me countless studies, numerous books & hundreds of articles to get this right!

It's been around 1 and a half years since I got my first blood tests done, I've REVERSED my thyroid condition, Inflammation, Doubled my good cholesterol (HDL), reduced my bad cholesterol, triglyceride levels, Vitamin deficiencies & almost doubled my T levels. My body fat % dropped significantly. I’ve gained quite a few kilos of muscle mass (since I started lifting weights 4 months back) & the best part is my energy levels are through the roof always. No mood swings.

Thinking of getting blood test done but not sure which ones? Read my twitter thread

I don’t follow strict keto anymore but I stay in a strict Low Carb High Fat diet & pull off a 3 day fast every month. It’s become a Lifestyle. I still go into Ketosis every 2-3 months for two weeks at least. It’s important to know how your body works, how it responds to certain foods with certain macronutrients. This stuff is life changing, it truly is.

My goal is to help you and as many people as possible about nutrition reality, about longevity, living with no regrets and feel connected to yourself and the beautiful world around again.

A low carb can be extremely beneficial if you've any of these conditions 💪. I suggest you to try for atleast 2 months. You'll be amazed how just restricting certain foods can do so much to your body.

If I can turn from a vegetarian to a hard-core meat eater & cure chronic diseases, you can too. If you can't, see you on the other side, a little later ;)

My next article will be on "How to fix your hormones by getting your blood checked”. Follow me on twitter & Instagram if you want a preview.

Stay healthy, Stay blessed.

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